ÄIO’s innovative
food techno

to replace palm oil, coconut oil and animal fats
with sustainable and healthier alternatives.



Introducing next generation ingredients for the food and oleochemical industry. Creating tomorrow’s solutions today is our constant goal. Our alternative oil products are a good substitute for many unsustainable vegetable oils and animals-based fats. Without compromise to sensory pleasures, texture or nutritional value.


There is really no comparison to our RedOil. The bright red not only brings a splash of colour but is naturally packed with carotenoids and antioxidants to support your healthy lifestyle.

Substitute for

Fish oil Seed oil

Encapsulated oil

Having trouble with vegetable oils leaking out? Our Encapsulated Oil is a perfect plant-based alternative to be used in patties, bakery products and other recipes wherein you seek a balanced nutritional profile.

Substitute for

palm oil vegetable oil animal fats nutritional yeast

Buttery Fat

The mouthfeel you seek can be often hindered by wrong texture of foods. Our Buttery Fat is exceptional addition to your recipe if you are looking for an alternative to coconut or animal fats.

Substitute for

Animal fat Coconut fat


Natural & precision fermentation processes to produce healthier alternatives

Our core technology is quite similar to beer-brewing. We specialize in growing microorganisms capable of producing beneficial fatty acids, antioxidants and pigments. By optimizing our bioprocesses we deliver tailored solutions for many industries. Microbial oils rich in omega-3 fatty acids are the next generation source for healthy polyunsaturated fats.

Circular design models and valorization technologies to maximize our positive impact

By utilizing locally available by-products and side streams from the food, agricultural and wood industry we produce high-value ingredients through a more inclusive and sustainable approach. Our aim is to reduce the use of palm and coconut oil, mineral oils and substitute animal-based lipid products.


We offer you a better sensory experience to indulge into. Believe it or not, but it has nothing to do with animals.

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and other beneficial components to support your healthy lifestyle.

We recycle and up-cycle. Low footprint in exchange for high-value products. 100% guilt-free!

Food technologies to save our biodiversity.

As WFF stated (Living Planet Report (2022), our current food production has resulted in 70% loss of biodiversity on land and 50% loss of biodiversity in fresh waters. We are at a tipping point with overpopulation, overproduction, and exploitation of various natural resources.

Since 2022, ÄIO is on a mission to develop sustainable alternatives to animal fats, palm, and coconut oil. By introducing environmentally friendly microbial lipid products to the market, we aim to evoke a turn of mind towards more responsible production and consumption. Our biotechnology solution utilizes proprietary yeast, which converts various side streams into value-added ingredients rich in lipids, proteins, antioxidants, and pigments.

We deliver tailored solutions for the oleochemical industry valued in 2027 over 36 billion USD. Our solution mitigates 160 kT of CO2 per year in comparison to the palm oil industry, which is projected to have a market value of 98 billion USD by 2030. To produce microbial lipids, we utilize industrial side streams and up-cycle by-products. It is a true example of a circular economy to both maximize value and use. Through its innovative technologies, ÄIO supports the transition to better plant-based alternatives.

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