About us

Nemailla Bonturi, PhD

Co-founder and co-CEO

Petri-Jaan Lahtvee, PhD

Co-founder and co-CEO

Mary-Liis Kütt, PhD

CIO, Marketing and Sales

Kristi Lember, MSc

Global Business Developer

Luísa Czamanski Nora, PhD

Head of Strain Engineering

Vitali Tšepelevitš, MSc

Research Engineer

Tommaso Tagliani, MSc

Research Engineer

Gaia Manfro, MSc

Research Engineer

Mateus Ribeiro da Silva, MSc

Head of Pilot Plant

Evelyn Lumi, MSc

Quality Manager


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Our values

Food technologies to save our biodiversity.

As WFF stated (Living Planet Report (2022), our current food production has resulted in 70% loss of biodiversity on land and 50% loss of biodiversity in fresh waters. We are at a tipping point with overpopulation, overproduction, and exploitation of various natural resources.

Since 2022, ÄIO is on a mission to develop sustainable alternatives to animal fats, palm, and coconut oil. By introducing environmentally friendly microbial lipid products to the market, we aim to evoke a turn of mind towards more responsible production and consumption. Our biotechnology solution utilizes proprietary yeast, which converts various side streams into value-added ingredients rich in lipids, proteins, antioxidants, and pigments.

We deliver tailored solutions for the oleochemical industry valued in 2027 over 36 billion USD. Our solution mitigates 160 kT of CO2 per year in comparison to the palm oil industry, which is projected to have a market value of 98 billion USD by 2030. To produce microbial lipids, we utilize industrial side streams and up-cycle by-products. It is a true example of a circular economy to both maximize value and use. Through its innovative technologies, ÄIO supports the transition to better plant-based alternatives.


Estonian Business and Innovation Agency (former Enterprise Estonia, EAS) supports äio tech OÜ during Applied Research Programme with a grant of 150 000 euros. The project RE.5.04.22-0124 “SmartFerm – sustainably produced healthy food” aim is to valorise local industrial side-streams into value added speciality lipids.
Project duration: 01.11.2022 – 31.10.2023

In collaboration with AS Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies (TFTAK), Estonian Business and Innovation Agency supports äio tech OÜ with a grant of 1 445 296,54 euros. The project RE.5.04.23-0218 “DigiFoundry – an automated platform for the development of precision fermentation processes” aims to build a semi-automated platform for the design of novel microbes to up-cycle various local by-products into high-value food components.
Project duration: 01.05.2023 – 30.04.2026

ÄIO is working together with Accelerate Estonia, Estonia’s national innovation lab, to accelerate novel food approval and turn Estonia into an innovation hub for the novel food sector. ÄIO and Gelatex in partnership with Accelerate Estonia are working to enable our food systems to evolve, so that innovators across the world would have Estonia, renowned for its digital prowess, to help them with receiving the required novel food approvals in the EU.

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Akadeemia tee 15, 12618 Tallinn, Estonia